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Beauty Dior
Sapphire Flamez
Sugar Pie Honey Persuajon
Sugar Pie Honey Beauty Dior
Sugar Pie Honey Sapphire Flamez
When Persua gets a call from her girlfriend, she puts off doing the things she's supposed to do on that day and runs over to her place for a pool game with her. But by the time she comes in, her friend has already...
Beauty's cooking up something nasty for the two male cleaners that she called in earlier. What she had on mind was to excite them with her booty while she walks around naked. But when the two turns up, she...
Safire comes home early from work so she can do all the preparation she needs for an anniversary pussy-pounding. She puts on her almost-naked two piece, and then she waits for him. But the guy who show...

Jeanna Pinkett
Sugar Pie Honey Simone
Sugar Pie Honey Jeanna Pinkett
Sugar Pie Honey Diamond
Simone takes a short vacation at a friend's house located by the beach. She brings out her bikini and heads outside for a walk on the beach. She is about to leave when her friend's brother opens the door to...
Jeanna is dressing up for her friend's party that evening. She is told that her long-time crush will be there. So she looks through her closet for something sexy. More than an hour has passed and she's not...
If there's somebody on this planet who would do anything to prove she's right, it's Diamond. She will go out of her way to get people into her belief. One day, her male neighbor gambles that he won't have a...

Alana Lee
Misty Stone
Sugar Pie Honey Alana Lee
Sugar Pie Honey Misty Stone
Sugar Pie Honey Yexesdine
See Alana Lee strutting around in a skimpy bikini, and then lewdly take it off for some hardcore, kinky lovin'! There's more spice in this chica than those hooters are letting on. Check it all out now - and better get...
In her own universe, Misty's ass is the yummiest from among her college friends. That's why she doesn't pass up an opportunity to flaunt it. You will always see her in short-shorts that barely cover the cheeks of...
Full lips, dark features and a stunning body makes Alicia one of the sexiest bitches on the planet. Given her relatively young age, it seems as if her sexiness is just going to keep on climbing. Aside from being ho...

Alicia Tyler
Sugar Pie Honey Alicia Tyler

Alicia Tyler's strutting around in a flaming red-two piece suit, and the way she flaunts it, you know she's just begging to get those little pieces of fabric shredded to bits in kinky porn scenes! No worries, because she's...

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